Our services & formats

We help companies communicate with, involve, and activate diverse stakeholders inside and outside their organizations.

Our Services

Corporate Storytelling & Publishing

Stakeholders today expect more than one-way, “push” communications; they expect real stories and dialog. Meeting this expectation is one of the things we do best. The Bureau helps companies like yours find meaningful and interactive ways to engage with internal and external audiences – either by refreshing established formats or developing new ones.

  • Digital Reports
  • Editorial Brand Development
  • Online Magazines
  • Storytelling
  • Thought Leadership
  • Web Documentaries

Strategic Consulting

Once we understand your needs, a good next step is a thorough but quick analysis of the digital landscape of your company. Then we conduct deep research about your target groups, resulting the creation of user profiles, user journeys and technical requirements. These are powerful tools that help us identify and plan the right topics, formats and channels for your audiences and brand.

  • Analytics
  • Brandfit Analysis
  • Campaign planning
  • Communication strategy
  • Trend research
  • User research

Content Marketing

More companies are recognizing the value of a good story. Producing and sharing great content is a strategy that – over time – builds brand awareness, reputation, loyalty, and even sales. The Bureau develops content marketing strategies, produces premium content, and helps you distribute the content across the right channels.

  • Campaign
  • Content Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Distribution
  • Metrics

Concept, UX & Visual Design

Clients hire us to achieve goals. Getting there depends on a deep understanding of the end user. With this foundation, we can develop truly effective concepts and designs. This is what we call user-centered design, and it empowers us to craft stories that delight, interactions that activate, and user experiences that meet intrinsic needs.

  • information architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Usability
  • UX design
  • Visual design


Gamification is more than awarding points and badges to keep people interested in boring content. At its best, gamification is a holistic approach to boosting engagement with meaningful feedback and fun interactions. The Bureau develops games for organizations that measurably transform dry content into experiences that people want to spend time with, learn from, and share.

  • E-Learning
  • Employee engagement
  • Game Design
  • Gamification strategy

Text & Visual Content

Our roots are in textual and visual storytelling, and we’re proud of it. As web interactions grow more dazzling and sophisticated by the day, unique and relevant content is still the backbone of the world’s best digital formats. Here at the Bureau, we’ve got some of the best writers, visual storytellers, and filmmakers in the business. And when these creative forces team up with our design, strategy, and technical minds, magic happens.

  • animation
  • Data visualization
  • Editorial
  • photography
  • sound design
  • videography

Our Formats


Good apps elegantly fulfil user needs. By building useful and usable digital tools for their stakeholders, companies establish communication channels and build their brand’s reputation.

Digital Content Platforms

Thought leaders will always need reliable channels to get their big ideas out there. Online channels like websites, blogs and apps should be designed to reflect brand values, editorial rhythms, and user needs.

Digital Magazines

Online magazines can be thinly-veiled advertisements, or they can be rewarding experiences packed with valuable insight, delightful interactions, and invitations to participate. Go the second route. Take your audience on an enchanting dive into compelling, long-form content, and they’ll come back for more.

Games & Gamified Interfaces

Games hold a huge potential to help people understand and interact with complex issues. Whether we are talking about games or gamification – the use of game mechanics for non-game contexts – both are proven ways to boost human collaboration and connections.

Interactive Documentaries

Interactive web documentaries, or iDocs, are pushing the boundaries of storytelling on the web. The best examples grasp and hold attention by mixing high-quality, cross-media content and surprising interactions.

Web Features

Sometimes words aren’t enough to communicate a big idea. Luckily, there are many creative ways to tell a story efficiently and emotionally – from visualizations and animations to a well-crafted series of simple interactions.