Klima | Anlage Installation interface

Do you know what climate change sounds like?

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At the intersection of art and science.

KLIMA | ANLAGE lets people experience climate change by listening. It is a data-driven sound installation that uses data and future projections for precipitation levels, temperature, humidity, wind speeds and wind directions from around the world. This data controls an four-piece orchestra of sound generators that perform climate data for specific regions.


The players

The project is a collaboration between sound artist Werner Cee, sonification researchers Katharina Vogt and Thomas Hermann from the universities of Graz and Bielefeld, Marcus Gammel from Deutschlandradio Kultur, and musician, Sukandar Kartadinata.

Our role

The Bureau designed the digital interface for the physical sound installation. It lets visitors select the specific region and time period that they want sound generators to perform. We also designed and programmed a simple website about the project.