ALLIANZ Open Knowledge

Building a global audience with innovative online formats

AUDI Sustainability Report

Thought leadership is about having and spreading good ideas.

Since 2009, we have helped the global financial services provider, Allianz, establish thought leadership on topics like climate change and demographic change. These issues are vital not only to the future of the financial services industry, but also to society. We have done this by designing and developing innovative formats for Allianz’s groundbreaking Open Knowledge platform – everything from interactive infographics and microsites to a simulation game.


The challenge

Allianz launched the Open Knowledge website in 2006. It quickly evolved into a groundbreaking corporate channel about climate change, demographic change, and poverty alleviation. The aim was to share cutting-edge thinking on these core sustainability topics from experts inside and outside the Allianz world.

In its early years, the Open Knowledge team focused on producing high-quality editorial interviews and articles. But a desire to reach new audiences and the rapid growth of social media soon had them searching for new formats beyond the written word.

Our task was to develop more visual and interactive content for Open Knowledge, giving its users more ways to consume and engage with the content.

Our approach

Over the last several years, we have worked closely with the Allianz editorial team in Munich to identify their key topics and priorities. We then created concepts for how to transform raw insight, statistics, or reports into formats that “pull.”

Here, we brought a bouquet of skills to the table. Our editorial eye and knowledge of sustainability inspired concepts that were not only new and innovative, but also robust and well-researched. Our design skills helped us craft delightful experiences that harmonize Allianz corporate design with user needs and expectations.