AUDI Sustainability Report

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

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Prelude: The emissions scandal

We here at the Bureau are disappointed about the manipulation of car emissions testing by Volkswagen and its subsidiaries. We sympathise with the majority of employees at these companies who were not involved in the manipulation, but who must now deal with the consequences.

Greenwashing is always a recipe for disaster. It’s bad for brands, but worst of all, it also dampens confidence that truly sustainable business is possible. That’s why we won’t stop promoting transparent sustainability – for companies, but first and foremost, inside of companies.

The context for the sustainability report

The automotive industry is facing major changes. Climate change, urbanization, digitization and new forms of mobility are prompting new thinking. Companies that are up to these challenges, and those that harmonize economic, environmental and social interests will remain relevant to consumers and more resilient to risks. Audi has recognized this.

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The challenge

Today, a company’s environmental and social activities play a more decisive role for consumers. Sustainability activities are therefore no longer just relevant for rating agencies and analysts.

Performance metrics and GRI tables are just one way to report, but they don’t always tell the whole story. The challenge we faced when presenting a concept for Audi’s online report was to meet the information needs of rating agencies and consumers, and at the same time, position Audi’s activities as a pioneering in the sphere of sustainability.

Our approach

Audi recognized that a cross-media and visual storytelling approach provides stakeholders like analysts, rating agencies, and investors a gateway from metrics and KPIs to stories; likewise, that stories could be a gateway to data. Our concept was driven by the need to give access to different user groups. Stakeholder Reporting provided strategic consultancy to the client and drove the production process, while the Rat für Ruhm und Ehre provided the editorial concept and content. We focused on the visual storytelling for both the print and online versions of the sustainability report.