Our approach

Confucius said it 2,500 years ago: raw information just doesn’t stick. Nor does it motivate or inspire. We develop interactions and stories that make content more concrete and powerful.

See the top-right of the graphic? This is where communication can help you move things, because it’s where you’re most likely to get a deeper understanding and broader involvement from your stakeholders.

It’s also where the Bureau works best.

We start by getting to know your audience. From there, we develop strategies and concepts to reach them effectively. Here, we rely on years of professional design and strategy experience, along with our constant exploration of new opportunities in digital interaction, storytelling, and game mechanics.

Whoever said that learning and affecting positive change shouldn’t be interactive or fun? Not Confucius.

“Tell me something and I’ll forget it. Show me something and maybe I’ll remember it. Involve me and I will remember it.”

Confucius, 551-479 BC